Do I have Diabetes?

Diabetes is a result of a metabolic disorder in the body.  The human body gets energy from food. There is a hormone called Insulin.  This hormone is responsible for the distribution of energy to the cells. Humans get most of their energy from blood glucose. This is also known as blood sugar. When the production of insulin is not sufficient, the body will not be able to take out the glucose and send it to the cells. As a result, a person becomes diabetic.


There are three types of diabetes:

Type 1: This type normally occurs at a very young age.  It is called juvenile-onset diabetes. This type can be classified as an autoimmune condition.  In this case, the body starts attacking its own pancreas with its antibodies. The damaged pancreas does not release insulin. Hence insulin has to be injected for patients suffering from type I.  If ignored, type I can cause diabetic retinopathy, diabetic neuropathy, and kidney ailments.

Type II:  It is mostly found in adults.  For obese people, type II diabetes shows its signs even during teenage. For this category diabetics, their body will be producing insulin.  But due to insulin resistance, the body will not be able to use the insulin.

Gestational diabetes  Pregnant mothers are the only category of gestational diabetes.  They become diabetic during pregnancy and will suffer from tiredness and wanting to urinate a lot. After birth, the blood sugar levels return back to normal in most cases.


The symptoms of diabetes are the following:

  1. Frequent urination.
  2. Feeling thirsty very often
  3. Increase in appetite. This results in getting hungry shortly after having a meal.
  4. Sudden weight loss
  5. Constant feeling of fatigue.

The above are the initial symptoms.  Once the diagnosis is done, diabetics need to check the sugar levels and keep it under control.  This process is continued for a lifetime and has to be done frequently. If sugar levels drop sharply, it can lead to giddiness, weakness, and shakes and you will become restless which will disturb your sleep.

On the contrary, a spike in sugar level can affect the heart, liver, and kidneys. It can lead to coma.  Hence sugar might not sound sweet for these people. Either way, precaution is needed to keep the blood sugar under control.


Diabetics need to take their medicines without fail on a regular basis.

Depending on sugar level, they should consume a healthy and planned diet.  If the sugar level is too low, items which can immediately infuse glucose into blood need to be consumed.  That is why even high-sugar patients need to carry something sweet with them. In case the sugar level suddenly drops, and they feel dizzy, they can consume a sweet item immediately.  

If sugar levels are high, eating foods with a low glycemic index is mandatory. Yielding to temptations and eating high-calorie food can cause more harm.  

Poor blood circulation and accumulation of edema will delay the wound-healing capacity of diabetics.  Even small wounds can eventually lead to amputation. Hence diabetics need to take essential precautions so that they do not get wounded accidentally.  Feet care is mandatory. Wearing socks and good footwear will protect the feet from wounding.

Ways To improve Fitness level

After improving overall physical fitness, one can easily improve the health. Improving your level of fitness can be challenging task sometime because you have to invest proper time in exercise. Follow some incredible strategies that will assist you in achieving your Fitness goals. To get rid of chronic disease then 30 minutes workout is mandatory for a person. Always create smart goals that can associated with following things like as-

  • Action orientedTime based 

Do you have Fitness band? If so, keep tracking your performance and analyze the performance. In order to do exercise properly then user should take the assistance of professional Trainer. He will surely give a perfect Diet chart to you. Always start a days with Vigorous Exercise because it will prevent heart attacks. Low intense exercises are beneficial because it will eradicate the chances of severe disease. To improve level of fitness then you need to follow-

  • Cariovascular Exercise

User should create a particular plan where he must add essential exercises like as Cardiovascular Activity. 150 Minutes exercise of Cardiovascular will improve the fitness level and reduce the fat. Hence, try to make such activity an integral part of your timetable. If you have stamina then 300 minutes aerobic exercise would be reliable for you. Along with exercise, you need to strictly follow diet plans. Don’t eat too much Fast food because such things are increasing the chances of heart attack. Try to consume low carb diet because it automatically reduces the fat. To improve fitness then user must diet plans and exercise properly. Pay attention on muscle Groups because it will give relaxation to the mind or body.

  • Hire personal Trainer

If you aren’t sure about Diet plan and Fitness programs then try to hire a personal Trainer. After that, stick with a fitness program that will improve the health. An experienced Trainer always teaches you some great strategies that improve the results. Hire a experienced or skilled Trainer because he will suggest some great diet plans to you.

  • What about eating habits?

By creating a genuine diet program, you need to reduce the calories intake. Like, Figure out the calorie intake each day and then stick with a particular program. To lose weight then low carb diet can be ideal option for you. Diet plans depends on the Fitness goals. After buying Food, read the labels carefully and check the calories. You need to consume appropriate portions of calories that don’t affect health.

  • Don’t choose Unhealthy Food

You need to add health Food in diet plan and eliminated the unhealthy options. Trans Fats foods damage the liver or increase the chances of heart attack. Hence, boiled or greasy food beneficial because it will eradicate the chances of Heart attacks.

Moreover, making a biggest changes in a lifestyle can be difficult task sometime because it requires lots of efforts. Maintain the schedule and consume low carb food on a proper time.

My Child is Color Blind

When a person is not able to identify seeing certain colors, it is called color blindness.  The retina of the human eye has special pigments. These pigments react to light. There are two types of these pigments.  The cones which control color vision. The rods which help us to see at night. When there is a problem with these pigments, people become color blind.


There are various types of color blindness as follows:

  1. Protanomaly:  there is reduced sensitivity to red light and the inability to perceive color differences.
  2. Deuteranomaly:  This is a common type of color blindness.  It is associated with reduced sensitivity to green light.  
  3. Tritanomaly:  It is a very rare type and is related to reduced sensitivity to blue lighting.
  4. Complete color blindness: These people have no experience of seeing any color.  This will affect the clearness of their vision.

People belong to the first two categories are known as ‘red-green color blind’.  They have difficulty in distinguishing red, green, purple and orange. They also get confused with shades of blue.

The third category people have difficulty in identifying yellow, violet, red, blue and green.  

Color Blindness Test


The common symptoms related to color blindness are:

  1. Problems in seeing colors which are bright.
  2. Rapid eye movements
  3. Difficulty in distinguishing colors.


Glasses and lenses are very effective for people who cannot distinguish green and red.  For red and green blindness, the glasses are of great help. But for blue color blindness glasses do not provide a solution.  Recently special color lenses help people in finding a solution to their problem. These lenses add brightness to shades. So, the person who has difficulty in distinguishing these colors can find it easier. A person who is color blind will see faded colors only. With the help of lenses which make the colors bright, the person can easily distinguish the color.


The exact reason why a person becomes color blind is still being researched.  There are no full-proof treatment methods which can completely eliminate this difficulty.  Red-green blindness is inherited from parents to children.  X chromosomes carry this deficiency. Hence men have this problem more than women.  

One cannot say that this is a very big health issue.  But safety concerns are there. Imagine people not able to distinguish red and green traffic lights.  This would cause accidents.

Lenses and glasses can help these people to a great extent.  Besides visual aids are being developed to help these people.  Recently mobile phone apps have been introduced to help the color blind to distinguish colors.  

Young children may find it difficult to study and read when they are color blind.  So it becomes essential to detect color blindness at the earliest stages of youth. Some corrective action will be of great help in the daily life of color-blind people.  Research is going on to find out whether gene therapy can help. Gene therapy can help in growing the pigments properly in the retina so that vision can become normal.